“What Kids Need from Grown-Ups (but Aren’t Getting)”

“We’re underestimating kids in terms of their enormous capacity to be thoughtful and reflective, and, I would argue, that’s because we’re not giving them enough time to play and to be in relationships with others.”

In her interview, Erika Christakis’ discusses the plight of modern preschool in America, how academics are pushing their way into the younger years, and the importance of play. She paints a picture of the vast benefits of play, the capabilities of young children, their deep desire to learn, and how our current system affects critical thinking and dialogue later in life.

Christakis’ views reflect many of my own views of preschool and our current system, and her ideas about the importance of play are reflected in the early childhood center that I work at. It is exciting to see more people speaking out about these issues. It is a fascinating interview.


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