How Do You Learn?

Below is a small piece of the essay I wrote when applying to Fairhaven College. I can, and will, expand on this later. For now, I would like to hear the different challenges you all faced in your education.

There were two main issues with the way my father was trying to homeschool me. First, I wanted to explore my interests. I didn’t want to spend hours reading, I wanted to spend hours doing the things I read about. To me, homeschooling meant exploring my interests and studying in a way that was engrossing to me. The second problem was an even bigger one, I couldn’t sit still. Not only did I not want to sit in classrooms for hours listening to someone lecture, I couldn’t sit for long without shuffling, shaking my legs, and wishing I could run laps while listening. Because my brother was so good at sitting still and reading, I don’t think my father understood the trouble I had.




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